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Atkinson Elementary School’s behavioral expectations are the 5 P’s:  Prompt , Prepared, Productive, Polite, and Patient.  These are the expectations that all students must follow in all areas of the school building and on the school bus.  The 5 P’s are a part of the Positive Behavior Intervention & Supports (PBIS) process.  80% of our students are normally able to successfully follow school rules and are in tier 1; 15% of students need extra support in small groups to be successful and may need to receive tier 2 services;  5 % of students who are having trouble meeting expectations in tier 2 need more intensive, individualized support will be in tier 3.    

Students who meet behavioral and academic expectations at tier 1 enjoy rewards and recognition throughout the school year.  The rewards can be monthly school celebrations, classroom recognition, Student of the Month recognition, grade level celebrations, a chance to win prizes in weekly drawings, etc.  Students who do not successfully meeting the goals of the Universal Support (tier 1) process may also receive consequences to help them reflect on and improve their behavior.   We urge all students to meet the 5 P’s daily at school and on the bus.  

In addition to the 5 P’s, students also receive character education lessons throughout the year and Second Step Violence Prevention Program lessons which are taught by classroom teachers.   Character education newsletters are sent home monthly to parents.  The school counselor teaches lessons during classroom guidance, group counseling, and individual counseling.   The counselor also provides support to students in tiers 2 and 3.  The Inner Explorer Mindfulness Program gives students the chance to reflect upon their actions and practice mindfulness by listening to interactive audio tapes daily.  At Atkinson Elementary School, we want our scholars to be college and career ready, and we provide a variety of academic and behavioral resources to help them succeed. 

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Ms.  Angeline Alexander

Phone (770) 229-3715

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